We are pleased to share that DataRow is now an Amazon Web Services (AWS) company. We're proud to have created an innovative tool that facilitates data exploration and visualization for data analysts in Redshift, providing users with an easy to use interface to create tables, load data, author queries, perform visual analysis, and collaborate with others to share SQL code, analysis, and results.. Together with AWS, we look forward to taking our tool to the next level for customers.

Simplify the way you work with Amazon Redshift!


DataRow is a web-based* Amazon Redshift client with visual analysis and collaboration features for data analysts and data scientists.


*No installation required! Use DataRow on the Private Cloud or get the Enterprise Version to deploy on your own cloud.


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Team Management Made Easy

Team and data management features ensure the highest level of data governance.

SAML Integration

Maintain control of your organization’s identity management.


Track team activity, monitor query history and performance.

Roles & Permissions

Control what users can see and do in your organization.

Query. Manage. Process. Visualize.

Data querying, processing and visualization platform with collaboration and management capabilities.

Web-based Amazon Redshift Client Tool


  • Server-based architecture to run queries faster than ever.
  • A SQL client specifically designed and built for Amazon Redshift.
  • Query Sense to prevent non-read-only queries.
  • Easy troubleshooting for Amazon Redshift data loads.
  • Query Execution History with performance indicators.
  • Create, list and drop Amazon Redshift Stored Procedures.

Integrated Python/R Notebooks

Data analysis is easier than ever with the new DataRow Notebooks.

Once you have your query results, instantly open a Notebook page which can contain equations, visualizations and text. Continue your analysis using Python or R on the same platform.

Data Visualization and Charts

Instantly generate charts & visual insights from your query results, without needing any other applications.

Various Visualization Options

Charts; Scatter, Satellite View, 2D Histogram…

Save & Share Charts

Easily save your visualizations as a file and share them with individuals or teams within your organization.

Collaboration, Management & Monitoring

Fine tune access levels to resources. Collaboration lets you share your work with your colleagues, either individually or as teams.

  • Query & Results Sharing, Live Results
  • Teams
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Slack Integration

Get Started

Whether you’re looking for a Private Cloud or Enterprise solution, DataRow has the resources and expertise to help you achieve more with your Amazon Redshift.

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